FAR Ingénierie

Field of expertise

Our activities

 Oil industry:

  • Oily water separation (offshore platform, refinery, depot, distribution...),
  • Emulsified Oily water separation,
  • Washing waters recycling,
  • Ethoxylated fuels decantation water processing.

 Automotive, Mechanical and Surface treatment industry:

  • Degreasing bath processing and recycling,
  • Washing water processing and recycling,
  • Cutting fluids processing,
  • Dye penetration tests effluents decolorization and processing.

  Marine equipment:

  • Emulsified (or not) oily bilge water separation,
  • Grease water treatment and recycling.

 Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Tensio active effluents processing,
  • Hard COD removal,
  • Active principles concentration.

 All industries:

  • Washing and degreasing waters processing (parts, vehicles, aircrafts...),
  • Fire exercise effluents processing,
  • Reverses osmosis (demineralisation).